How To Get Relevant Career Experience While At University

Hosts: Julia Hurtado, Vinay Vimalan, Lucie Morris

Have you been thinking of joining a consulting firm after you’re done with school, or maybe shifting from what you’re doing now? What is it like to work in a large multiservice consulting firm? In this episode, hosts Vinay, Lucie, and Julia speak with Gopika Jem, a Digital Strategy Manager specializing in Product Management from Accenture. Gopika graduated from the London School of Economics and Political Science and has built an impressive career working for Accenture, coming from a Digital Strategy Assistant to a Digital Strategy Manager.

Gopika shares her experience working at Accenture, which is a Fortune Global 500 company with leading capabilities in digital, cloud, and security. They cover the pros and cons of working in a global multiservice company for individual career growth. 

Listen in to learn the difference between a strategy project and a delivery project in the consulting world. You will also learn how to approach a career in consulting and get tips on how to interview in a large consulting firm like Accenture.

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Episode Timestamps

  • [5:35] The structure of Accenture- a multiservice company with half a million employees. 
  • [7:45] The pros and cons of working in a multi-service company.
  • [9:10] How to get promoted in a big consulting company by working hard and proving yourself.
  • [11:27] Gopika explains her career from internship to Digital Strategy Manager at Accenture. 
  • [13:50] The pressure of having to prove yourself to the client when working in consulting.
  • [18:28] Choosing a career as an analyst in consultancy to get a feel of everything before shifting to specialize in what you enjoy doing. 
  • [22:17] Gopika explains why she chose to specialize her career in the digital space at the consulting. 
  • [24:27] The difference between a strategy project and a delivery project in consulting.  
  • [27:46] Things you should keep in mind when interviewing in a consulting firm as a student, or when changing a career. 
  • [33:21] How consulting has shifted to combine work and life and also embrace diversity and inclusivity.
  • [36:46] The importance of utilizing available resources and asking questions to learn and grow your career in consulting.
  • [38:28] A white paper- an industry research paper for your company. 
  • [40:21] The challenge of constantly dealing with new and different things in consulting and how to overcome this by continuously trying and asking for help.
  • [43:04] The importance of building valuable relationships within an organization to help in your career development.
  • [46:48] Tips on how to approach a career in consulting. 
  • [49:52] The difference between a startup and a big company and why either one is a good starting point to your future career.  


  • “Going into consulting does give you the opportunity to switch between different industries, get into all those different areas while you’re getting trained.”-Vinay [20:27]
  • “You just have to show the interviewer that you’ve gone above and beyond in a particular field that you really enjoy.”– Gopika [31:30]
  • “You’re getting a real mix of people who are rising through the ranks in consulting and it’s really nice to see.”– Gopika [35:08]
  • “Don’t be afraid to ask for help and look for guidance and advice…most people will be willing to help if you ask them.”– Gopika [42:23]
  • “In terms of career progression and career growth, it’s ultimately the people around you that are going to help you from one part of the firm to another.”– Gopika [43:20]

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  • Lucie Morris: Originally from Birmingham, Lucie pursued her bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Human Resources from the Leeds Becketts University. With experience in advertising, public relations and marketing, Lucie is now the Employer Partnership Associate for London-based International Internship Provider, Capital Placement. Lucie uses her experience working with 500+ companies to provide clients with insight into career growth and what employers are seeking in an ideal candidate for their companies.
  • Vinay Vimalan: As Co-founder and CEO of Capital Placement, Vinay offers a decade’s worth of experience and knowledge into career development and recruitment. He has extensive experience with finding and placing students and graduates in internships around the world with companies ranging from startups to multinational corporations. As CEO of Capital Placement, Vinay not only offers insight into what employers are searching for in their own company but also provides actionable tips for those with career aspirations. LinkedIn.
  • Julia Hurtado: Originally from Austin, Texas, Julia received her bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Global Studies from the University of Texas at Austin. Upon graduation, she decided to take a jump across the pond to work as a Business Development and Marketing Intern at Capital Placement in London that eventally became a full-time associate’s position. Julia helps university students and graduates with their career choices and provides advice on professional development.

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