Bonus Episode: Meet Your Hosts

In this bonus episode, hosts Julia, Vinay and Lucie give listeners insight into themselves and what they do. The three of them, one American and two British, transparently share details including their favorite foods, career tips and even their own personal challenges. Fun facts also include Lucie’s Instagram foodie Instagram account, details about Julia’s adjustment to the lingo in the UK and more. Be sure to join their Q&A session to learn more about them. Also, feel free to email your very own questions to In closing, each host describes the podcast in one word to give you a feel for what you can expect in upcoming episodes.

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  • 0:37 Please subscribe and review the podcast.

  • 2:25 Lucie shares about her foodie Instagram account @foodbyLucie.

  • 3:21 Lucie shares her favorite food, pizza.

  • 5:56 Vinay shares about his favorite food.

  • 7:23 Julia shares about her favorite Ramen place.

  • 9:06 Julia talks about her curiosity for influencer marketing.

  • 16:09 Lucie talks about documentaries.

  • 16:49 Lucie shares her top tip about getting hired: Research!

  • 19:00 Be passionate about the application and be creative. 

  • 21:17 You must have a solid skillset to back up your passion.

  • 22:34 The three hosts talk about insurance and finance.

  • 25:52 The three hosts talk about the biggest challenges they’re facing and how they’re overcoming it. 

  • 37:05 The three hosts share why they chose to host the podcast.

  • 39:33 You’re invited to email questions for the hosts to

  • 39:41 Vinay introduces Lucy and shares her specialty.

  • 41:30 Julia shares her favorite podcasts.

  • 46:39 Lucie, Vinay and Julia sum up the podcast in one word.