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The Career Growth Podcast

Hosted by Vinay Vimalan, Lucie Morris, and Julia Hurtado.

About the Podcast

The Career Growth Podcast is a show about career development and bringing transparency to what it means to work in some of the most sought after industries in today’s job market. Join hosts Lucie Morris, Vinay Vimalan, and Julia Hurtado every Monday as they provide you with career advice and resources as well as interviews with Founders, CEOs and other professional executives.

Meet the Hosts

About Lucie Morris

Originally from Birmingham, Lucie Morris pursued her bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Human Resources from the Leeds Becketts University. With experience in advertising, public relations and marketing, Lucie is now the Employer Partnership Associate for London-based International Internship Provider, Capital Placement. Lucie uses her experience working with over 500+ companies to provide you with insight into career growth what employers are seeking an ideal candidate for their companies.

In her spare time, Lucie is an avid foodie! She even has her own Instagram account dedicated to her cooking and exploration of some of the best foods across the world. Listen to our podcast to find out why going to space is on Lucie’s bucket list!

About Vinay Vimalan

As Co-founder and CEO of Capital Placement, Vinay offers a decade’s worth of experience and knowledge into career development and recruitment. He has extensive experience of finding and placing students and graduates in internships around the world with companies ranging from startups to multinational corporations. As CEO of Capital Placement, Vinay not only offers insight into what employers are searching for in their own company, but also provides you with actionable tips to take straight away to help you stand out from the rest.

Vinay’s other passions include playing cricket, baking with his wife and watching far too many DIY Youtube videos. Listen to our podcast to find out why we call Vinay the “grandpa” of our show!

About Julia Hurtado

Originally hailing from Austin, Texas, Julia pursued her Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Global Studies from the University of Texas at Austin. Upon graduation, Julia decided she take a jump across the pond and began working as a Business Development and Marketing Intern for Capital Placement in London. Upon completion of her internship, Julia went for afternoon tea (milk and two sugars, please!) and decided to accept an associate’s position at Capital Placement. Julia regularly engages with university students and graduates to help them with their career choices and provide advice on professional development. Her knowledge of the issues and concerns facing students/graduates today helps shape the questions and topics discussed in the podcast.

In her spare time, Julia is typically exploring the world, writing blogs and listening to far too many true crime podcasts. Check out our podcast to find out why she believes the UK doesn’t have “true” lemonade.